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Porchetta, Frozen, 2kg


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Stuffed with a superb mix of herbs, garlic and spices this easy yet impressive joint is a real show-stopper. Made here at Source by Louis, our in-house butcher using the belly and loin with the bones removed. The cavity is then stuffed with a fine balance of flavours. The skin also produced some of the best crackling.

2kg will serve 6 but it’s delicious cold the next day if you have any left-overs.

Ingredients. Pork, salt, olive oil, fresh garlic, dried thyme, fennel seed, dried rosemary, dried chilli, black pepper, bay, Lemon zest, fresh parsley.
Cooking instructions. Season the skin well before cooking and allow the joint to come to room temperature over a few hours. Pat dry
Cover the ends with foil, leaving the skin exposed
Roast on high (190c fan) for approx 1 hr, reduce to 170c for a further 2 hrs or until internal temp of 72c is reached in the centre. Rest for 15 mins then remove the crackling and set it aside. Cover the remaining joint and rest for a further 20-40 mins. Warm the crackling before serving with the rest of the meal.

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