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Free-Range Bronze Turkey From Woolley Park Farm.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


A fine turkey from Woolley Park Farm. Free-range and dry plucked to give the very best skin possible. Please select the size you require from the list below and we will select one as close to your choice as possible. Reared in small flocks and killed on the farm to reduce stress to the birds. These are among the best birds on the market and are found in many Michelin star restaurants.The price is £16.95/kg. 2021 has a been a very tough year for farmers with the cost of grain going up every month and good quality staff being is very short supply. Russell’s team are doing amazing work. The poultry is all dry plucked, by hand which is very labour intensive. I have worked with Russell for over 15 years and feel the price tag is well worth it, I hope you do too.

This product will be available to order for Christmas. If you would like to order one before the 21st Dec’ please drop us an email with your request. Weights and costs are estimates only at this stage, we will weigh and add up the actual bill on the day and either refund the difference or call you for additional payment.

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