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Frozen, Double Sucker, Octopus Tentacle, 800g



Caught off the British coast but usually found in warmer waters these large octopuses need some careful handling but are worth the effort. In my experience, the Greek method is pretty good (see below for more info). 800g is enough for four people as a main course. This product may arrive frozen. It should be defrosted naturally in the fridge and cooked before eating. Freezing octopus helps to break down the fibres so helps the cooking process and reduces the cooking time.

Heat a heavy-based pan. Add olive oil. Add the Octopus and stew for an hour. The Octopus will produce enough water to braise it to perfection. Once it’s cooked, pop it on the BBQ or hard fry it to add some colour. Rest, slice and serve with garlic, lemon and parsley.

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