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Our Suppliers

Here’s a selection of our fantastic suppliers:

Essential co-op


Essential provisions for every store-cupboard; ethically sourced and from a workers’ co-operative right here in Bristol.

FalFish Cornish fresh seafood


Sustainably caught fish landed mainly in Cornwall by small boats. The fish arrives at around 7am. I scale, gut and fillet it in time for it to be delivered that same day.

Farringdons organic fruit and veg Bristol

Organic Farm

Proper veg from just half-an-hour up the road. The farm is a really well-run affair with care and attention being paid to crops and workers.

Keens Somerset cheddar


A family run farm using 21st century technology but still making cheese on the farm as they have done for over a century.

Fresh bread Bristol Loaf

Bristol Loaf

Excellent bread using the best ingredients. Freshly baked that morning just minutes before we send it out to our customers.

Smoked fish Severn and Wye

Severn and Wye
Smoked Fish

Well sourced and well smoked fish from just over the bridge. Their eel project and connection with the water is second to none.

Westcombe cued meat


Proper cured pork and veal made by one of the most passionate and knowledgeable people in the industry.

Wookey Hole Farm Goat

Hole Farm

Well reared and cared for on a small farm in the middle of Somerset. Sarah’s goats are grass fed and are in perfect condition.

Wooley Farm Local Poultry

Woolley Park
Farm Poultry

I’ve dealt with Russell and Angela for over 15 years and have been amazed at the quality and standard of their poultry. Their team dry pluck each free-range bird by hand.